Choose You E-Course

A 5-Day Self-Care Mindset Reset

Choose You E-Course

Choose You is a 5-day E-Coaching Course that's essentially a self-care mindset reset designed to help you truly find joy, peace and freedom you’ve been looking for.


Creating the life that you desire is no one else’s responsibility but yours. Authentically living out your purpose requires mustering up the courage to take responsibility for your life.


You cannot do that if you keep getting in the way of yourself by thinking and caring more about others than you do for yourself.


If you believe that putting the needs of others ahead of their own is the best and only way to live or you don’t feel worthy of making yourself a priority. This program is for you.


If you think people will stop liking you, or that being a tireless caregiver gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment. This program is for you.


Whichever one of the above categories you may find yourself in, the good news is that you can reset your thinking and move forward with our soul’s purpose.

Here's what's included in the

Choose You E-Course

Lifetime Course Access

Easy to read written instructions with step-by-step directions

Daily Videos

Daily videos that explain the process for the day and how to make the most of it

Email Support

Email access to me so you can be supported through the process


Access to a community filled with like-minded women on a similar journey

Here's What's In It For You

  • Strategies and techniques that will aid your in living out your purpose and build the life you want for yourself

  • How to develop the habit of putting yourself first without burning bridges or negatively affecting your energy, enthusiasm, and motivation.

  • How to protect your mental and physical well-being, and overcome even your biggest challenges.

Putting yourself first is something you must make a conscious effort to do. The Corona virus has given us time to put a lot of things about life into perspective. Now is the time to start living our soul’s purpose and living a much more fulfilling life.

Marcelletta is excellent at helping her client identify what is truly important and then uses this foundation to facilitate a workable plan for the future. She is a skillful communicator and listens closely to what her client says or does not say. I leave each session with Marcelletta energized and excite about taking the next step.​

Client, Lynn G.

About Me

I’m Marcelletta  (Marci) Miles


I’m The Energy Healing Doula.  I specialize in helping women align how they live, love, and lead so they can freely live without regrets and have peace and joy they've been looking for. 


I'm a total badass when it comes to self-care and  I'm obsessed with helping others find their life's purpose and live it out loud. 


Over the past 20 years, I have helped countless busy professional women discover how to break free of their past, move beyond betrayal,  heal from  hurt, and  let go of negative self judgement in order to have the freedom and happiness they deserve…… you are absolutely in the right place! - All Rights Reserved - Privacy Policy